Wednesday :: Feb 9, 2005

The Blogosphere Exposes Another Fraudulent White House Media Operation

by Steve

Some of you have no doubt been following the developing story about a fake reporter who has been given press credentials by the White House press office and allowed to take part in the daily press gaggles from the White House communications operation. The faux reporter, Jeff Gannon, also known as James "JD" Guckert, wrote for an outfit called Talon News, which is an offshoot of a questionable Texas entity called GOPUSA (hello Tom DeLay?). Apparently Gannon would sit in on the press gaggles each day and when needed steer the direction of the press briefings away from troubling areas when reporters started to lock onto vulnerabilities in what Scott McClellan was saying. Gannon also was used to throw out questions in an effort to make stories out of nothing for the White House’s benefit.

Gannon was exposed due to the valiant work of several DailyKos contributors, and Gannon has now been forced to resign amidst rumors that he is also involved in some questionable activities away from the press pool. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter has formally asked the White House for an explanation.

It now also turns out that Mr. Gannon somehow had in his possession an internal CIA memo that no one else in the media had, which identified Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. So is that how Rove did it, by using a fake news organization funded by a right wing nutcase, to out Plame and retaliate against Joe Wilson?

This sorry episode, so soon after the propaganda debacle with Armstrong Williams among others, leads me to question what else is the White House doing to manufacture news and news coverage? It also makes me question what the hell was going on under the noses of the White House media pool day in and day out that not one of them asked just who the hell is Jeff Gannon and Talon News anyway.

It’s easy to see now how the administration was able to push past the media a fake war rationale when the media clowns couldn’t even figure out the frauds in the room with them every stinking day.

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