Wednesday :: Feb 16, 2005

Reid And Pelosi Reach Outside The Beltway For New Consultants

by Steve

This very blog, last month:

Democrats should look to, and develop their bench instead of rewarding the same "we’ll get paid no matter whether we win or lose" consultants. Besides, what’s wrong with bringing hungry, successful, and yes, ruthless regional and local consultants into the national Democratic arena?

It looks like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are about to follow Amy Sullivan’s advice, and the reinforced message from here a month ago, to look outside the Beltway for new consultants who have won at the state or regional level.

Sen. Harry Reid (Nev.) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), the Democratic leaders of the Senate and House, plan to shake up the Democratic political consulting community and break the grip that a small number of consultants have had on strategy and contracts, party sources say.

The Democratic leaders want to bring in new people with track records of success and innovation and look beyond the Beltway for message smiths to help guide the party.


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