Monday :: Feb 21, 2005

What Social Security Looks Like

by Duckman GR

Here's a diary over at D Kos titled Thank you for helping my family. by k9disc that pretty well lays out why we can, and should, win this Social Security fight.

I'd say its rather brilliant, and you know why? Because it's truth. It's reality. And there's even ducks involved!

And before anybody starts spouting crap about how privatization is going to save Social Security, don't. It won't. All it is and all it's meant to be, is a redistribution scam to move money out of government control and into the hands of Wall Street, with the added benefit of destroying that hated program.

Well, k9disc gives us all a good lesson in what and who Social Security is, and he frames it in a way that even the neo-cons could understand if, and that's a big if, they were human at heart.

I'm not going to link to their absurd smear ad against AARP, the damn thing doesn't need the traffic, but really, doesn't that pretty much describe their version of reality, and doesn't the sweet grandma that was able to live a decent life because of Social Security describe ours?

And again, remember, The Father said that private accounts will not help his make believe Social Security problem. So what is the point? Eh? Beat up Blue Hairs?

Counterattack, People, counterattack, their necks are stretched out there pretty far this time. They think that the mere approach of their Panzers will make us run away and hide. Time for them to find out otherwise.

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