Wednesday :: Feb 23, 2005

The Post Sugarcoats New Nuclear Pact With Russians Without Asking Why It Took Bush So Long

by Steve

Tomorrow’s Washington Post has a glowing Page One by the normally objective and straight-shooting Walter Pincus and Peter Baker about a new agreement between America and Russia, to be announced tomorrow. The agreement deals with a frequent complaint of Democrats for the last four years, namely the accounting for and custody of Russia’s "loose nukes", which are a particular threat in a post-9/11 world.

Yet Pincus and Baker never addressed why this agreement couldn't have been done at any time in the last four years. The piece doesn’t point out the fact that accounting for Russian nukes was never a priority of this administration until its own CIA director recently said Al Qaeda could have acquired nuclear material from such sources. Simply put, this agreement is four years too late, especially after 9/11. And Pincus and Baker managed to never address that, so I suspect that the White House will be happy with their handiwork here.

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