Monday :: Feb 28, 2005

With Friends Like These, ...

by pessimist

Sunday's Meet The Press provided a lot of food for thought even though all of the people guesting on that show are of suspect intellectual quality. I've already hinted in my last post about Joe Biden's seeking the nomination for the presidency in 2008 (Stay home, Joe!), and now I'm going to point out an interesting (to me, at least) comment from William Safire in response to a question from Tim Russert [text slightly abridged]:

MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Safire, let me start with you. Busy week for the president, went to Europe, met with Russian President Putin. Give him a grade.

MR. SAFIRE: I was disheartened and dismayed by the way he went eyeball to eyeball with President Putin and Bush blinked. Here is a president who has been talking eloquently about extending freedom and fighting for democracy around the world in his inaugural address and the State of the Union. And as soon as he comes up against the man who is doing more to stop the extension of freedom than anybody else, he wimps out all of a sudden. I think this was as big a blunder as his father made when he gave the Chicken Kiev speech, saying, "Stay within the Soviet Union."

I think most accommodationists and certainly everybody in the State Department is delighted with the way Bush poured praise on Putin, and I think it's terrible. This was the time to stand up to him and say, "Hey, you're providing arms to Syria. You just sent 100,000 Kalashnikovs to Castro's friend who runs Venezuela. You're helping Iran develop nuclear bombs, and you ought to stop it. And worst of all, you're rolling back democracy in Russia." And so what does he do? He talks about my friend, Vladimir.

You know it's bad when one of your staunchest supporters from the New York Times admits publicly that you choked - again.

It's getting to be time for the True Conservatives to reclaim control of their party before Georgie really gets in over his head. He shouldn't be allowed to pick fights with people who outclass him. He should stick to bullying Iraq and Syria and leave Russia and Putin to the professionals.

What say you?

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