Monday :: Feb 28, 2005

Someone Out There Really DOES Read Us!

by pessimist

I got a special response from my post Ain't Sayin' It's So Joe:

You are correct I have strongly opposed the war in Iraq and continue to believe that the Bush administration had planned all along take out Saddam and simply used 9-11 as an opportunity to do so. The time I spent in London this past week was more disturbing to me than any of my more recent trips and here is why -- this was the first time I heard people, real people on the street blurring their perception of Bush with their percetion of America. On past visits people seemed to take more of a "I detest your President Bush, but I like America and your people" this trip was the first that I sensed a blurring of the lines -- anti-Bushism is beginning to fog into anti-Americanism. What I was trying to say is that the political climate is changing quickly in Europe and that there will be political parties and politicians in Europe who will seek to stoke the fires of anti-Bush feelings to their own domestic ends and I am not sure that bodes well for America. Finally I stated firmly that I believe Bush means to go-it-alone -- and that I hoped I was wrong -- but didn't think I was. I also said that as our President I truly want him to succeed at reuniting and building a real partnership with Europe. I did not think that I left any doubt, however, that I can't fathom how he does so with his current policies.

This has always been one of my favorite blogs to read when I have time, and while we do not always agree I would hope that I would be given some benefit of the doubt when it comes to George Bush -- I did everything I could to prevent his re-election.

take care
Joe Trippi

Posted by Joe Trippi at February 27, 2005 11:12 PM

Thanks for the endorsement Joe. Now, how about raising us some capital over the Internet? I'm sure Blog Lord Steve Soto wouldn't mind a little assistance!

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