Wednesday :: Mar 2, 2005

Howard Dean Does America

by rayman

Although the national media has unsurprisingly focused on Bob Novak's blatant distortion of Howard Dean's recent speech at Cornell (see here and here for the grisly details), the Chairman has been rolling along on his tour of Red States, including Nevada, Mississippi, and Kansas. The local media coverage, I must say, is intriguing, Here's the Biloxi Sun Herald:

"We are not going to concede the South," Dean said to a crowd of about 1,000 of the party faithful from across the state gathered here on Tuesday night. "The South will rise again, and when it does, it will have a D after its name."

The reception and dinner for Dean, former Vermont governor and presidential candidate, saw the biggest turnout of a Mississippi party event that state party chairman Wayne Dowdy said he can remember.

And here's the Lawrence Journal-World recapping last week's visit to Kansas (as in "What's the Matter With..."):
"We need to go everywhere," he told the rally. "There is not one county in this state, I don't care how far west you go, that doesn't have Democrats. We have to be proud of who we are."

It was a message gladly received among the Democratic faithful.

"It was wonderful, very energizing, a very positive, powerful message," said Micheline Burger, who joined nearly 1,000 others in paying $5 to hear Dean, the former presidential candidate. "It gives me a hope there's a good future ahead of us, as opposed to what we've been having the last four years."


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