Thursday :: Mar 3, 2005

Bush: The Great Demagogue

by Mary

Privatizing Social Security is doing to our country what Bush has done so well before: exploiting the selfish concerns of one group against the other in order to get his way. Make no mistake, one of the things they are conscienciously doing is to make the privatization debate a battle pitting the young against the old. And according to a recent Pew poll, they are succeeding. Young people are the only group that is very supportive of Bush's plan. As Knight-Ridder reports, the Republicans think that this is going to help entrench their control for decades.

In his bid to transform Social Security - and perhaps U.S. politics - Bush is driving a generational wedge into the country. He vowed not to change Social Security benefits for those ages 55 and older, hoping to ease the concerns of older Americans. They tend to vote Republican, but more importantly they turn out to vote more than any other age group.

Yet even if the elders turn against Bush and his party, generational change is coming.

"They're willing to trade everyone over 55 for everyone under 55," said Smith. "They're talking long-term realignment and they're willing to take some short-term casualties to get it."

Bush's Brain is busy at work slicing and dicing and dividing this country as only a true demagogue can. The right wing is concerned about building their power, and not concerned about the damage done to our country by pitting people against each other. Of course, it is simply gravy that the young will be paying extra in payroll taxes for a number of years, so they too are being setup for the great con. They just don't realize that yet.

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