Thursday :: Mar 3, 2005

Social Security Will Be Bush's Waterloo - And Greenspan Will Eventually Be A Casualty Too

by Steve

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I’ve been gone the better part of the last two days on business, and I come back to see these gems:

First, we got to see the treat of Tom DeLay attacking the AARP, when it is DeLay who is one step away from being frog-marched into a Texas courthouse on corruption charges, and it was Tom DeLay who violated Congressional ethics rules by accepting gifts from the anti-Social Security group USA Next and its earlier incarnation the United Seniors Association. Better yet, DeLay is tied to a corrupt lobbyist, but he has the gall to attack the AARP.

Then, I get to see that under pressure from the White House, Bill Frist and Chuck Grassley have since "flip-flopped" from when they expressed their concerns about the political viability of private accounts. Both were taken to the Rovian woodshed and Bush was forced to come out and say that all is well, don’t pay any attention to that iceberg. Democrats gleefully pounced on Frist for being a flip-flopper. Better yet, in a true Truth Squad campaign, Democrats stepped up their efforts to run radio and other media spots against Bush in advance of his visits around the country selling his privatization plan. And in a merging of the Truth Squad concept with the political strategy we advocated here over a month ago, Democrats are now targeting vulnerable House Republicans over Social Security with radio spots in their districts. Sweet.

As a bonus, I get to see Harry Reid call Alan Greenspan the biggest political hack in Washington, for advocating Bush’s deficit-inducing tax cuts four years ago, and now complaining about deficits and suggesting that entitlement programs be cut so that millionaires can keep their tax breaks. It now turns out that Greenspan was testifying on his own yesterday to help Bush, and not as Fed Chairman. He supports privatization, but the Fed does not. Alan, you’re a GOP whore and have permanently lost all credibility. Go away.

Then, Paul Krugman shreds Greenspan in tomorrow’s NYT.

And lastly, we get news that the latest CBS News/NYT poll shows that support for the GOP and Bush on Social Security has now collapsed, with Democrats holding a 19% lead with the public on Social Security. In fact, the poll shows that the public thinks Bush doesn’t share their priorities here at home or in foreign policy. And this Pew poll says that Bush’s approval rating on Social Security is down even farther, to only 29%.

Shut the f*ck George, you miserable little prick. You’re done.

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