Friday :: Mar 4, 2005

Truth Squad In Full View Following Bush Around On His Social Security Lies

by Steve

It’s a very rewarding thing to see a political strategy that we here at the Left Coaster have been pushing for over a year come to fruition, in arguably one of the most important political battles of our time. We argued over the last couple of months that our previously developed plans for a Truth Squad campaign to follow Bush around the country and rebut his lies and deceptions be coupled with an aggressive political operation aimed at vulnerable House Republicans who can be pressured into staying neutral or opposing Bush’s privatization plan. It is a pleasure to read this story in Saturday’s Washington Post, which capsulizes this combined strategy perfectly.

Bush, resuming his travels after two weeks in search of public support for his plan, hit two states Friday and scheduled a two-day, four-state swing next week as part of an intensified drive to stage 60 events by administration officials in 60 days. At events here and in New Jersey, he conducted forums before screened audiences of cheering supporters beneath giant campaign-style banners. Selected panelists hailed his leadership from the stage, and young fans chanted his name from the hall.
Democrats responded with their own "Fix It, Don't Nix It" swing while other Bush opponents staged news conferences, placed newspaper ads and commentaries, and aired radio commercials targeting the two House Republicans who hosted the president Friday. Outside Joyce Center at the University of Notre Dame, about 100 protesters greeted Bush's motorcade with signs such as "Social Security Another Big Fat Lie."
Senate Democrats embarked on a two-day, four-city tour led by Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) and joined at one stop by Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and John F. Kerry (Mass.), among others. At their forums, the Democrats said Bush's plan would not address the system's underlying problems but would drive up national debt.
To counter (the Bush effort), AARP, the major seniors organization, bought full-page newspaper ads in New Jersey and Indiana warning that Bush's plan would turn the program into "Social Insecurity." AARP also held news conferences with local leaders to explain its objection.
These groups intend to shadow Bush everywhere he speaks. AARP will continue to buy newspaper ads in cities he visits. A labor-linked group called Americans United to Protect Social Security has launched "60 Faces over 60 Days: The Real Faces of Social Security" -- a program featuring personal stories of 60 people to highlight what it perceives as the dangers of Bush's plan.

And, of course, Bush continues to lie about Social Security:

At both stops, he presented his case that without change, Social Security "goes broke" in 2042 (a flat-out lie) and that any long-term plan should allow younger workers to invest part of their Social Security taxes in stocks and bonds.

Even the AP mentioned the Truth Squad opposition efforts against Bush tonight in its story, which noted that Bush was having trouble selling his deceptions.

Keep it going, guys. The White House expects the Democrats to eventually go away and cave in. One of the messages that the Democrats can hammer home is that without the safety net of Social Security, 45 states would see more than 40 percent of their elderly population fall below the poverty line. And 13 of those states are red states where the elimination of the Social Security safety net would push more than 50 percent of the elderly below the poverty line.

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