Tuesday :: Mar 8, 2005

House And Senate Republicans Choose Dividend And Capital Gains Tax Cuts Over Medicaid And Education

by Steve

Despite talk earlier in the week that Senate Republicans were not going to go along with more tax cuts this year, apparently they have caved in over the last several days. On Wednesday, both the House and Senate GOP leadership will announce their tax and budget plans for the upcoming year, and in both cases the Republicans will be planning to give more tax breaks and extend current Bush tax breaks on dividends and capital gains, while cutting Medicaid, Education, and other social spending.

That’s right, even though polls say that voters want a different set of priorities, the Republicans in Congress will be pushing tax cuts while cutting the programs that voters want better funded. Such a course has already drawn them on a collision course with the National Governor’s Association, with governors of both parties making it clear that they cannot absorb any more cuts at the federal level which ultimately fall upon the states.

So why did the Senate GOP cave? Because Bill Frist wasn’t willing to challenge Denny Hastert and Tom DeLay to a showdown over who would blink first.

Fine. I know that I am sounding like a broken record here, but the GOP and White House are making it easy for me. Democrats need to frame these GOP priorities of tax cuts over Medicaid and education as moral value choices. Democrats need to ask voters what moral values are on display when the GOP chooses a dividend and capital gains tax break over low income health care, education, clean water and air, border security, and yes Social Security.

It’s the moral values, stupid. If this is what the GOP wants to run on in the 2006 midterms, then I have no problem with that. Let's ram this down their throats every day between now and then.

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