Wednesday :: Mar 9, 2005

Mid-Day Quick Hits

by Steve

There are several items of interest this day:

First, despite claims by GOP pollsters to the contrary, Bush’s assertions that the Social Security system faces a "crisis" have backfired with voters, particularly with older voters. In fact, the GAO testified today that the system does not face a crisis. And although an internal GOP poll shows that respondents support the president’s "plan" when they are given a written description of that plan, it is not known what that written description says and how accurate it is. I know the Democrats would like to see that Bush "plan" as well.

Second, it looks like John Kerry challenged Harry Reid for not being aggressive enough against Bush in a closed-door Senate Democratic caucus meeting two weeks ago, and Reid pushed back. Of course, as Yuval noted below Kerry is off and running for 2008 and seems to want to run the caucus himself. Yet Hillary according to some polls already has nearly twice the support of Kerry and Edwards among Democrats, and won’t have to worry about Gore either.

Third, those wonderful folks at USA Next were sued for using the photo of a just-married gay couple without permission in their smarmy ad several weeks ago.

Fourth, as you might have guessed from the same crew who gave you the stage-managed "rescue" of Jessica Lynch, we now have confirmation that the "capture" of Saddam Hussein was staged as well.

Fifth, can someone tell me if Universal Press Syndicate would still carry Ann Coulter’s column if she had belittled a political opponent as "an old Jew" and a security threat to Bush?

And lastly, the American Society of Civil Engineers said today that the nation’s infrastructure is getting worse under Bush, at the same time that the Fed was glowing about the economy. I guess we shouldn’t worry about things like roads, bridges, schools, our airports and our water and air if things are going so well in the economy, right?

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