Friday :: Mar 11, 2005

Biden's Priorities: Consumers No, Steroids Yes

by Steve

While Joe Biden was selling out consumers yesterday by voting with MBNA on the bankruptcy bill, you may want to know what other major issue of importance he was dealing with. Biden was emailing the San Francisco Chronicle on why it was so important for Congress to tell Major League Baseball to clean up its act on steroids. Biden and the GOP’s Joe Barton seem to be doing Big PharMa’s bidding in slapping down the supplements and steroids industry and grand-standing against MLB.

I’m glad to see that Joe has his priorities straight. How many hours of hearings do you think Congress will have on this phony issue as compared to how many hours of hearings the GOP leadership will allow on real issues facing the country? And MBNA Joe seems ready to be a party to it.

I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from us, right?

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