Thursday :: Mar 17, 2005

As Awareness Arrives

by pessimist

There have been a lot of angry words launched at the sellouts who pretend to represent those of us who aren't Topper$ this week, and with some justification. But really - who are we mad at? Who should we really be mad at?

We have been seeing the results of actions being taken by those who feel little-to-no support from those they claim to represent - a feeling equally as strong as that felt by those who feel that they aren't being represented. They are only looking out for their own interests because they have nothing else. They have to get along in a hostile environment filled with people who would not hesitate to take extremely harsh actions against those viewed as not with the program.

They are mad at us - and their actions are how they get back at us.

We send them out with pocket knives to battle the forces of darkness armed with light sabers. We make promises of support and solidarity, then turn tail and run at the first sign of obligation. Our representatives then learn how Custer felt - surrounded and alone.

Is it any wonder that they surrender?

We have only ourselves to blame for the mess we are in. We got soft and lazy after the John F. Kennedy Memorial Landslide of 1964, we got lucky cornering Richard Nixon, and we've done nothing since.

We abandoned our own traditional economic values in order to deny the same to others not of our 'kind', whose outraged reactions in their own home areas frightened us into straying further into the camp of darkness. Believing we had defeated the Watergate wickedness, we never lifted a finger or a voice when greater evils were then 'communicated' upon the world. In fact, we thronged to cheer and support those who were even then beginning to act against us, leaving us behind as we had once left others, pushing us back into the same marginal places we had once consigned others 'not of our kind'.

We are only reaping what we've sown for decades.

We were too busy living the good life to recognize that it was at the expense of others. We called out for fairness while denying it to others. We demanded easy wealth that we took from others.

And now, we cry out that the things we did to others are now being done to us - and only now does awareness arrive. Only now do we know the pain and suffering that we've caused to others, and only because it is being done to us.

How we howl! How we yell! How we cry in our self-made hell! Of all the torments we experience here, none is more painful that the understanding that none of this had to happen. All we had to do was to have done a couple of things differently, to have changed an attitude or two in ourselves. All we had to do was actually act like the Christians we claim to be. What would we have lost to have shown a little faith in our fellow man, to have given a little hope to raise the downtrodden, and to have provided a little charity to those less fortunate?

Not much. We would have gained immeasurably, and not taken the darkness into ourselves.

We left the Democratic Party - and our principles - behind in 1968, and gave our power to the dark side. It was only through their ineptitude that we ever got it back, however briefly. If Jerry Ford was more of a president and not just the engine by which Richard Nixon escaped the consequences of his actions through the convenient exercise of the pardon, would Jimmy Carter have come close to victory in even one state? If Poppy Bu$h were more of the totalitarian his son is, would Bill Clinton have achieved a status higher than that of historical footnote?


We weren't there for them any more than we were there for the party when they needed people to go out and ring doorbells, to talk to the neighbors, to be informed on the issues and not to take what we were handed unquestioningly. We didn't do our jobs, so why should we expect them to do theirs?

We've all been calling for a lot of heads over the last few weeks, me included. The heads we should be seeking are our own.

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