Thursday :: Mar 24, 2005

Dana Millbank, You Get No Respect--Again

by paradox

Approximately three weeks ago Dana Millbank of the Washington Post showed up in a Kos diary and I ripped him just for working for that GOP slut of a paper. He may be one of the best reporters in the country but I didn’t care, who he works for obviates any respect I should have for him. I got into a tussle with Hamletta over it and a number of people said this attitude “represented the worst of the blogosphere.”

What if Paul Krugman showed up in a Kos diary? I loathe the New York Times too, so would I be so disrespectful of him also? No. I was wrong, so I said so and said I was sorry to Hamletta. It sucked but it’s a lot better than simply wandering around pretending I hadn’t screwed up—-emulating George Bush is not a personal habit I want to develop.

Work has been hell and the political news utter hell, so I’ve been keeping my head down and trying not to get whipped, which doesn’t always work. Furtively scrolling through Hullabaloo yesterday I was steered toward this fascinating quote from Millbank, which was published last Sunday:

Partisans on the left and right have formed cottage industries devoted to discrediting what they dismissively call the "mainstream media" -- the networks, daily newspapers and newsmagazines. Their goal: to steer readers and viewers toward ideologically driven outlets that will confirm their own views and protect them from disagreeable facts.”

Millbank, you ignorant slut, the last thing I would ever want is for liberals to be able to see television news that mimics Fox but slants toward a liberal bias. I don’t want the public to get all their news from The Left Coaster and The Daily Kos, I want a journalism corps that’s dedicated to the truth. If it’s harmful to Democrats I could care less as long as the same standards of reporting and truth are applied equally to both Democrats and Republicans.

Millbank, of course, still lives in some total fantasy world where he thinks the Washington Post treated Bill Clinton and George Bush equally. Or that Al Gore and George Bush were covered the same way. I could go on and on in this vein, but no one could come close to the complete obliteration of this fantasy than The Slideshow responding to Millbank. Here’s one of the best quotes:

"Falsehoods are promulgated by the administration and the RNC and the right-wing media, and then they are ultimately carried by you, the supposedly non-partisan mainstream press. You treat them as if they are facts equivalent to the real facts you could easily get from others, simply by asking questions. But you don't ask the questions. It's your job - why don't you do it?"

They don’t do it because the media kisses the ass of the GOP—watch a Presidential press conference some time to see how disgraceful those sycophants really are.

Kevin Drum fell into this trap like quarters into a slot machine at the hand of William Bennett when examining Millbank: “Actually, media bashing is still primarily a right wing phenomenon, but I think Milbank is right that it's slowly creeping into the left's foundational mythology as well.”

Founding mythology? Kevin, are you out of your fucking mind? There was no difference in the way the press treated Al Gore and George Bush? No difference in the way Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were covered? No difference between what Bill Clinton had to go through over nothing while George Bush is allowed to skate as a horrifying war felon?

Mythology my ass. The left and liberal cause have been horribly screwed and damaged by a sleazy, whoring press corps dedicated to lying and covering for the GOP in the last 15 years, and it’s supremely offensive to state that liberals want their own version of such whores for their causes. I think Bob Somerby and Michael White would like to have a little chat with you, Mr. Drum

The Truth will do just fine, thank you very much. I could care less if the Branch Dividians published the Truth, if it’s on a site every day I’ll go to it and read it. If it damages Democrats that’s just fine, for at least having the Truth see the light of day will help correct the problem. I want the best for this country and it’s citizens based upon the Truth as we know it. Period.

That’s all I ever wanted, Dana Whore Millbank (the whining at the beginning of his piece at being called a whore is priceless), and I’m bummed I ever thought you deserved respect and had to backtrack and apologize to old friends on your behalf. You just screwed all the people who defended you, and if you ever show up in the threads in the future you’ll get no respect. Again.

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