Wednesday :: Mar 30, 2005

Hey Democrats, Are You Feeling Scared Yet?

by rayman

As the Bamboozlepalooza tour continues to sputter along (sorta like the political equivalent of Bob Dylan's Neverending Tour, but far less well-received), Dubya's hollow threats against the Dems become more comical:

President Bush suggested Wednesday that lawmakers who oppose his proposal for a Social Security overhaul could face political problems as a result.

"To answer the question of the skeptics, we do have a serious problem," Bush said in an interview aired on WMT AM radio here and on WHO NewsRadio in Des Moines. Bush conducted the interview at a local diner, the Spring House Family Restaurant. "Now is the time to fix it, and I think there is a political price for not getting involved in the process."

Bush added: "I think there is a political price for saying, `It's not a problem, I'm going to stay away from the table.'"

In his Social Security travels, Bush has aimed to emphasize the positive and appear the model of bipartisanship — promising Democrats there will be no political retribution for bringing forward any idea to fix the system and arguing that the matter is too important to be the subject of partisan bickering.

But there are few issues as politically divisive as Social Security. As Democrats have persistently opposed — and attacked — Bush's ideas and polls show support for them dropping, the president has in the last week begun to occasionally use more pointed language.

"I believe there will be a bad political consequence for people who are unwilling to sit down and talk about the issue," Bush said in New Mexico last week.

The AP article notes that Bush's "you'll be sorry!" schtick is ramping up as the polls (both for SS privatization and his job approval) continue to slide. But I'm not surprised that he's adopting this tack; after all, this form of velvet-glove thuggery served him incredibly well during his first term for the Iraq war resolution and the Homeland Security bill, to give but two examples. It's no surprise he'd return to the well one more time. Alas, his luck appears to have run out.

BTW--The article points out that the Straight Talkin' McCain has completed the transformation from independent-minded "maverick" to dissembling political stooge. Congrats, Senator. I'm sure the Republicans will reward you for your good-soldier loyalty in 2008, right?

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