Friday :: Apr 1, 2005

Stagnant Wages + Rising Prices + Few Jobs + Privatization = GOP Roadkill Next Year

by Steve

Stocks head down today on inflation and reduced earnings fears, and oil looks like it will rise continuously during the summer as demand is outstripping US supplies, a perfect example of the abject failure of the Bush Administration energy policy. But at least the oil companies will make off like bandits.

What do you think oil at $100 a barrel will do to Bush and the GOP next year? Can you spell p-o-l-i-t-i-c-a-l b-l-o-o-d-b-a-t-h ? I knew you could.

This along with Social Security will be the silver bullet that sinks Bush and the GOP next year. And this doesn't even count a housing bubble or continual increase in interest rates between now and the midterms.

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