Saturday :: Apr 2, 2005

Better to be lucky than good

by dj moonbat

From a purely PR standpoint, the insurgent attack on Abu Ghraib prison today looked like an absolute nightmare for the Administration. After March, which was a pleasantly quiet month, a well-coordinated and extremely violent attack by the resistance--on a high-profile target with heavy ideological resonance for the insurgents--would make an ugly reminder that we're still fighting an uphill battle to redeem the sorry screw-up that is the Iraq war.

But as they say, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Pope John Paul II died moments after the prison raid was reported. Now, rather than having to find a way to spin an ugly setback, the Bushies can somberly reflect on the Pope's life--a reflection which will doubtless lead to a lengthy and high-profile reflection on this "culture of life" business. (A culture of life that places little value on tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives, mind you.)

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