Tuesday :: Apr 5, 2005

Now It's Frist's Turn To Distance Himself From DeLay And Cornyn

by Steve

Over the weekend, Dick Cheney parted company with Crazy Tom DeLay over a veiled threat that DeLay made against judges who ruled against the desires of right wing Christians in the Terri Schiavo case. Then yesterday, Looney Tunes GOP Senator and Karl Rove client John Cornyn wondered aloud if the recent wave of attacks against judges were fueled by a made-up concern that these lifetime appointment judges were issuing rulings allegedly against the political desires of these same right wing Christians. This was a real howler when you consider that over 60% of the current federal appeals court judges are Republicans. It was also a howler when you consider that none of the recent incidents of violence against judges or their families stemmed from political decisions.

Today, it was Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's turn to distance himself from the transparent effort by the right wing to use Terri Schiavo's death to demonize judges and tear down the separation of powers. Frist, who made himself look foolish in the Schiavo matter and is probably looking for a way to climb back out of the right wing sewer he fell into, said today that courts have ruled in a "fair and independent way" over the Schiavo matter.

The gambit by Rove to manipulate the Schiavo tragedy into a judge-bashing right wing diversion so that moral values voters will forget $2.75/gallon gasoline isn't finding key allies right now.

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