Tuesday :: Apr 5, 2005

Assault on No Child Left Behind

by Duckman GR

The State of Connecticut will sue the federal government over President Bush's signature education law, arguing that it forces Connecticut to spend millions on new tests without providing sufficient additional aid, the state's attorney general announced yesterday.

Now we’re talking. No Pope death watch here. Just an action that’s been begging for action. And perhaps we’ve got a potential Joementum Spot Remover as well? And it could be the start of some kind of lefty conspiracy!

Connecticut's attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, said he was announcing his plans now because he was going to be contacting attorneys general in other states, in the hope that they would join the suit.

And hoo, boy, don’t you just want to be a part of that? I know I do. (I was once accused of being a part of a cabal over at Marco’s place, and I get all tingly just thinking about it, but a conspiracy? Oh baby, bring it on!)

Criticism is not new.

“But when it comes to paying for education expenses, the White House has only asked for $12B to continue that financing next year, $6B less than the legislation authorizes,” [Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville] said. “This underfunding badly hurts our nation’s children on numerous fronts. Over two million children will not receive a basic education in reading and math for example, and more than one million children will not have access to after-school programs.”
I like this one just for this line
Could our current administration hatch such a devious scheme? ..... The Bush Sec of Ed claims that education spending is way up and the schools don't even know how to spend it all. We find this hard to believe. Public schools are constantly striving for additional funding to reduce class size, hire more teachers, ... etc. And, you cannot argue with the numbers. In the years 2002 through the current 2004, Congress authorized between $26.4B and $32B. In each of those years, Bush's budget was far short of the authorization.

The states and localities have been complaining about this since the damn law was passed, but since, clearly, rod paige was a fraud, and since, clearly, bush couldn’t care less about policy and only cares about politics, complaining was all that they could do. But now, some Democrats seem to have had enough, or they see those actual poll numbers and not the ones that Howard Fineman is looking at and think that the lame, this grieves me, duck is, well, lame, but not a duck, no, a potholder, yes, a potholder will do, and not so tough looking after all.

Sure, the media shills still whore for bushco, but even they have shown some recent life, such as here for an example.

Call your state AG and ask them to get with the program. Here’s California’s AG, Bill “Cannibal” Lockyear. And here’s a list for all the states.

So get busy, conspirators, we got republican political crap to challenge.

And none of this discussion even addresses the question, does testing teach? Or, does testing instruct? Or, does testing do anything besides justify spending a bunch of money for test materials to big testing corporations that don't care if kids pass or fail, just that they get tested?

Which is what should be discussed, like, before these policies are implemented. But that's for a time when rational political discourse can be had, which won't be until after the delays and bushes and grovers and rovers and holy rollers are sent back to their respective rocks.

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