Friday :: Apr 8, 2005

Arnie Reeling with Terrible Poll Numbers, Retreat on Cop & Firefighter Pensions

by paradox

The mass delusion that some cretin who was a steroid-soaked movie star and not a captured political player could be an effective Californiar governor has worn off. Arnie’s poll numbers are in a face-stretching free-fall (sixteen point negative since January!), cops, teachers and firefighters dog his every move, and yesterday Herr Gropenfuhrer cried uncle and said he wouldn’t be going after the cops and firefighters pensions this fall in a special election.

A number of factors are involved in Arnie’s capitulation; he flatly broke education funding promises, prompting the CTA to run commercials about what a lying, cowardly backstabber he is to our kids. It’s become obvious Arnie doesn’t have a clue as to how to fix California’s busted tax base, so all of last years posturing just turned out to be empty lies of incompetence as, once again, California is broke with extremely difficult choices to make.

But by far the dumbest move made by Arnie was to go after the pensions of cops and firefighters. Lying by calling this “reform,” Californians were quickly noticing that their local heroes were enraged and picketing the governor wherever he went.

I distinctly remember being at Pac Bell Park in San Francisco on the first Saturday baseball started after 9/11. Forty cops held a huge flag in center field, and as they left the crowd stood and cheered as they walked off. The cops waved back and smiled—something like this never, ever would have happened just two weeks before.

In a post 9/11 world a politician who goes after cops—especially firefighters—is just a plain dumbass, and now Arnie has to the poll numbers to prove it. California also has a strong education constituency, so going after teachers was not wise either.

Arnie, of course, is still threatening to bypass the legislature this Fall and put other “reforms” on the ballot—merit pay and gutting the teacher pension, automatic budget cuts in certain scenarios, and prohibiting union dues being spent for political purposes. The filthy republicans are simply going after respected public servant unions and it’s not going to work.

It does nothing to fix California’s busted revenue base. It completely averts any responsible activity in forming an adult budget now. Most of all, if Arnie bypasses the legislature and the initiatives fail, what government is left? Nothing but failure, and somehow Arnie and the legislature would have to start of over in November of this year, when they could be adults today. The incompetence and irresponsibility of the whole proposed evolution is breathtaking in its scope of risk.

A steroid-jacked fantasy movie star governor who lies to you, breaks solemn promises, stupidly goes after firefighters and doesn’t even attempt to solve serious fiscal problems is a loser. Arnie lost yesterday and will next year for Governor, for his total bullshit and very real threats to public health are not acceptable in any manner to the citizens of California.

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