Wednesday :: Apr 13, 2005

Not to Question Why

by Duckman GR

There’s been much discussion on this blog, and on a couple of other blogs here and there, about experimental surgeries for the Democrats, spinal or otherwise. Well, this weekend I’ll be going to the California 2005 State Democratic Convention and blogging back with info and updates, time and computer permitting, on whether any of these efforts are taking hold. Any questions you want me to carry, drop them in the comments please.

And yes, we've lost another vote, and, yes, a bunch of Democrats voted for it.

You know what?

It happens, and it will continue to happen, and but I think that this was addressed last week so I won't revisit it this week. We're taking steps that I outlined earlier that will speak to that issue, but I will let that speak for itself. (Sorry, channeling spinning scottie there.)

But the world isn't coming to an end because of it, and yes, we'll have to remind the voters, those that wish to fight the good fight, that it was a republican bill that was passed, that the republicans prevented the Democrats from putting any amendments that would have made the bill more fair and reasonable, that the Democrats could no more have stopped the bill then they could write an anti-war novel that would stop all war.

I refuse to drown in self loathing and angst as a Democrat. We suck, we fight, we win, we lose, we do the hokie pokie, it remains that there is no way in the world the Democrats are worse creatures then the gop and delay and schwarzwhatever and bushco. It's up to us to do better. If you do better, and if I do better, if Steve and jj and Judith and rlprather and Matt and yes, even Toby, do better, then we're all better off, correct?

Set examples. 42 bad ones, 160 good ones. Sure, the tent has holes, some pretty big ones too, and mold, yes, we've got mold, but not slime-mold, but it still stands up and provides a break from the weather. So it's up to a diverse bunch of Democrats to patch it, and clean it, and dry it, and make it stronger. This weekend I'll see what the State Party has in store, and I'll let you know, just don't look for any juicy arnold crushing secrets, okay?

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and Louise Slaughter are truly getting some shots in, delay is in trouble, schwarzkofpen is in trouble, bush is in trouble, look at their approval numbers. Reality bites, and its going to bite these bastards hard. And yes, we'll go down with them when it does.

Chairman Dean wants to re-build the Democratic Party from the ground up, not an unreasonable starting place, and it comes with advantages. Since we can't get much money from the corps, thanks to the delay machine, we'll have to raise it from individuals anyway. Since bushco can't tolerate an American Public making sacrifices, we,the Democrats and liberals and progressives will have to do it instead, since they're dumping all their crap on us anyway.

We've become a truly selfish nation, scared of the strangers lurking in the shadows. We're frightened of consequences, because pain might be involved, and pain must be avoided. Pain is bad. Pain is un-American. Oh sure, it's unavoidable and often just in your head, but hey, east west south and north of here. But I'm done with the self inflicted flavors, and have been for a while. Flame will cleanse us, is cleansing us, and soon the Democrats will raise the flaming swords and pitchforks of the new millenium, and these lying hypocritical charlatans will pay the price in humiliation and poverty, but, no shame, they don't do shame.

So, like I said, any thoughts or suggestions or questions you want asked or answered, please drop ‘em in the comments and I will endeavor to get the skinny.

Seriously. I'll try to report back on what the Democrats are actually doing at the convention to beat the gropinator, and bushco, and regain our self respect as a nation and a party and as a people.

Believe it or not, but Democrats do worthwhile things.

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