Friday :: Apr 15, 2005

MoveOn Ratchets Up the Pressure on Steny Hoyer

by rayman

Many of us have been railing against the utter cravenness of Congressional Dems with regards to the estate tax repeal and the bankruptcy bill. Nevertheless, I must say I'm surprised by MoveOn's decision to put Steny Hoyer in its cross-hairs. Raw Story has the scoop, including the text of the ad running in Hoyer's district:

They worked hard. They had health insurance.

Then a medical emergency and the bills started to pile up. Now they're facing bankruptcy.

Last year, half the personal bankruptcies in America were ordinary working people with extraordinary medical debt.

You'd think Congress would've helped them.

You'd think Steny Hoyer would've helped them. Think again.

Steny Hoyer just voted for a bankruptcy law practically written by the credit card companies. Steny Hoyer got $333,000 in contributions from those companies.

This new law won't make it tougher for corporate giants like Enron and WorldCom. But the law will burden decent, hard-working people with more debt.

Face it. The credit card companies sure have a friend in Steny Hoyer.

Do you?

Call Steny Hoyer at 301-474-0119.

Wow. I'm all for MoveOn holding the Democratic leadership's feet to the fire, especially after the bankruptcy atrocity. Still, this is a hell of a way to do it. I'm not saying it's wrong, mind you. Just a surprise.

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