Sunday :: Apr 17, 2005

Energy Bill Promotes Greater Pollution

by Mary

The Bush administration is using the oil price increases as a way to promote their energy program (the ones Dick Cheney developed in secret). According to Bush in his latest radio address, passing the energy bill is essential for providing the US a solid energy plan. Needless to say, the Bush energy plan doesn't do much to retrofit our society for the long term. And befitting a bill from the Republicans who never propose policies simply because they are the right thing to do, it will be critical to review every facet of this bill to assess whether this bill helps or hurts ordinary Americans. So far, it appears that the score is: Ordinary Americans - 0, Big Corporations - 1 (or more).

Ordinary Americans will be pleased to find out that states will be handed a waiver if they find that they cannot meet clean air standards as long as the polluters live outside the state's boundaries. The Bush administration is very worried that by mandating regulations that enforce cleaner air, too many states will not be able to meet these standards. With this proposal, if states can't meet the standards because of an upstream polluter, they won't have to (or will not be able to) sue the federal government or the polluters, because now the state will have a special waiver from the feds. Isn't that nice?

One EPA spokesperson asked about the effectiveness of this proposal opined: "Some people think it's a good idea. Most don't."

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