Sunday :: Apr 17, 2005

CA Dems- Day Two-Growing Underfoot

by Duckman GR

In the main hall official Convention business was conducted, certifying or voting for officers, all very pro forma. Then we had some speakers.

Okay, so youíre all pissed off at the Democrats, a bunch of spineless wimps, stabbing us in the backs. Useless Democrats!

Whereís Nancy Pelosi, why doesnít she do something? Like what, fire the 73? Beat Ďem? I know, letís kick Ďem!

Clearly, thatís not practical. Those who say the Damn Democratic Party is dead, I say no, itís not. There's a storm brewing, they're going to try mightily to control it, but the fact remains that the Democrats aren't going to win didly with the machine of yore. MoveOn's action as reported by Yuval, that's what's going to work. A great big frigging message. That's what Dean's election was all about. They'll flap around a bit, but they will get with the program. Or the pogrom. It's all about the grassroots.

In the morning the General Session had some speakers. Some guy and a couple of women.

Nancy Pelosi. Barbara Boxer. You might have heard of them.

The attractiveness of these women is not their height, not their hair, not their make-up. It's what comes out of their hearts and minds. The words and ideas, and how they express them, that's their beauty.

Both are direct and forceful, and pretty damn clear. Leader Pelosi said that that we donít intend to let [bushco] get away with not paying back our Social Security debt, we're not going to let the New Deal become a raw deal. Simple and direct. The crowd lapped it up

Then Barbara Boxer came out. Senator Boxer is a rock star people. Sick of giving to the DNC? Give it to her PAC, Pac for a Change. [DGR-It ain't the greatest website, but it is a website and can only get better] The woman you saw on teevee standing up ALONE to challenge bush, the Democrat that reamed rice and Abu Gonzales, the powerhouse that DEMONSTRATED with pictures the utter hypocrisy of Bolton, thatís the same person that talked at the convention. Okay, yes, Duckman is rather smitten with her.

You don't think Democrats are fighters?

You haven't been paying attention. Just because she speaks well, without yelling, don't doubt the steel in her. What's changed in DC, she asked? Not the fights themselves, but their visciousness. And she knows first hand.

When bush answers the question of how long we're going to be in Iraq with, ďas long as it takes,Ē she says that's not an answer. She's not arrogant or looking for power for powers sake. But she knows that our Right to Dissent is under assault, our Checks and Balances are under attack.

And she will have NONE of it.

Some might say, bullshit. The machine yada yada ya. But don't think the leadership isn't aware of bush's values loss leader, and the Democrats weaknesses. They just need some attention. Groups like MoveOn, grassroot groups like DFA, California Democratic Council, and many others that arenít beholden to the money can do that. And people like Steny Hoyer and Joementum are going to hear from them.

So thereís your solution. Donít give money. Get involved. Join a Democratic Club. Talk to these groups. The only way to get Democrats to stop their stupidity is to show them the consequences of their actions. And that pretty much goes for all of us. Maybe you can print out a little flyer to put on your neighbors suv, with current gas prices, and who benefits, and why the Democrats tried to push changes that would have helped their situation.

We aren't going to get our country back with the trickle down theory. That works as well for politics as it did for economics.

That's the message from the convention. Grassroot people are sick and tired of appeasement. It isn't getting any of us anywhere. But it's so hard to stop. Put it off for another day. Filibuster reality. Like Phil Angelides said, "we can't continue to go along to get along" and expect to accomplish anything.

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