Tuesday :: Apr 19, 2005

Bush Confidence Numbers On Social Security Down To 25%

by Steve

Another poll, another Bush approval rating down to 44%. This time, it’s the CBS News poll, which came out last night. Bush’s approval numbers are down to where they were last June, and his disapproval rating has gone over 50% to 51%. But the poll shows that 62% of those polled now think the country is headed in the wrong direction, a staggering number.

Americans are now more pessimistic than they have been in recent months about the direction of the country. Sixty-two percent say things in the U.S. have seriously gotten off on the wrong track; one third says things are headed in the right direction. Rarely in this poll has the percentage who think the country is on the wrong track been this high; the most recent instance was in May 2004, when 65 percent said so.

And if that wasn’t bad enough for Bush, he’s losing ground with the public on his handling of terrorism, and he has no political capital at all on Social Security.

Since the attacks of September 11th, Mr. Bush’s handling of terrorism has been his strongest issue. In this poll, just over half of Americans approve of the president’s handling of the campaign against terrorism, down from 61 percent in February.
In addition, seven in 10 Americans express uneasiness about President Bush’s approach to Social Security, which he has attempted to make the hallmark of his second term. More Americans are uneasy about Mr. Bush’s approach to Social Security today than they were in February. Now, just a quarter feels confident that Mr. Bush will make the right decisions regarding the program.

Only a quarter feel confident in Bush on Social Security? Yesterday I ran a post on an AP story over the weekend that said House Democrats were deemphasizing their opposition to private accounts, based on the results of focus groups. Now we have a national poll that says by hammering Bush on private accounts for the last four months, his numbers have crashed to the point that he is impotent on the issue.

If I were the House Democrats, I'd get a refund for what they paid for those focus groups. Who ran them; Frank Luntz?

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