Wednesday :: Apr 20, 2005

Iraq - Bad news keeps coming

by soccerdad

Claims of 76 dead in Iraq massacres

More than 50 bodies were dragged from the Tigris river yesterday and a further 19 men found dead in a stadium, the victims of new massacres, Iraqi officials said yesterday.
An unnamed police lieutenant-colonel told AFP that 57 decomposing bodies of men, women and children were found between al-Wahda and al-Hafriya, about 10 miles downriver from Madaen. He said police had photographed and buried the bodies outside the town of Suwayrah.

Iraq prime minister escapes assassination bid

Iraq's interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi, last night escaped a suicide bomb assassination attempt, hours after officials said dozens had been killed in two separate massacres, raising fears of an escalation in the insurgency. Mr Allawi's convoy was attacked as he headed to his home in the Iraqi capital after talks on the formation of the new government, which is likely to be unveiled today, a government spokesman said.

Dispute escalates between Shiites, Sunnis

The Shites want another purge of all Baath's from the government, which is causing growing tensions. This becomes even worse when member of the government are calling for the Shia Militia, the Badr Corps, to take a bigger role in security see Juan Cole and needlenose

The Shites are worried about the possibility of a coup.

Spencer Ackerman has more on the Badr corps.

On NPR on the way home they had interviews with Iraqis who said to the effect: 2 years, no government, no electricity, no water, and a sewer system that doesn't work well.

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