Wednesday :: Apr 20, 2005

Gathering Clouds

by eriposte

Oliver Willis points out that the "reporter" who wrote the egregious, dishonest Ann Coulter piece for Time magazine - John-I-didn't-find-many-outright-Coulter-errors-Cloud - was interviewed by Brian Montopoli at CJR Daily and he revealed his deep thoughts (e.g., "My story is very fair about her").

While he was not busy equating Eric Alterman to Ann Coulter in the interview (so when can I see Eric on the cover of Time?), Cloud used the opportunity to state a fact (yay!):

My job in this story was not to be a fact-checker.

Refreshingly honest, dude!

If he had said, "I checked the facts and did a bad job", it might have even won him a brownie point with me.

But, considering what he said, it earned him the post of Honorary Secretary of the ANNals of Journalistic Malpractice (AJM). Which raises the following question:

Tough call. Do vote in the comments.

Also, know of any other, such, promising hires for Ailes and Sulzberger? Nominees should be "reporters" or "journalists" and should have stated that they are not fact checkers (in some form of another).

It's your thread. Gather some Clouds.

P.S. For the record, I think Cloud and Time magazine are well within their first amendment rights to put anyone they want on the cover of their magazine, or write about whatever the heck they wanted. What they had no right to do was print deliberate fictions ("I-didn't-find-many-outright-Coulter-errors") and cover up the real story of an anti-American serial fraudster.

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