Monday :: Apr 25, 2005

Hand Holding With The Saudis May Not Be Enough To Save Bush

by Steve

What a sweet picture, with all those pretty blue bonnets serving as a background

This will be simple post:

Bush is fu*ked. Why?

Well, letís start with approval ratings that are stuck in the forties, with no event on the horizon to increase them.

ARG last week said Bush is down to 44%.

The Post today says he is at 47%, his lowest ever in that poll, and worse yet, his issue-by-issue numbers are abysmal, with only his terrorism number above ground. And specifically, Social Security has become another albatross around Bushís neck, with the bottom now falling out of his ratings on the subject.

And our friends at Gallup today, in a poll done for CNN and USAT, show Bush dropping back to 48% with a sample that is evenly comprised of Democrats and Republicans.

Second, his party is about to commit its second act of political hari-kari in less than a year by implementing the nuclear option to stop judicial filibusters. How popular is that? Well, the above-mentioned WaPo poll today said that two-thirds of those polled, even a majority of Republicans, are against the GOP moving to eliminate the filibustering of judicial nominees. Plus, according to the poll, Democrats are not paying a price for blocking the Bush judges when they do.

Which means that all Harry Reid has to do is offer a compromise, wait for the GOP and Rove to reject it because the Christo-fascists pushing Frist wonít allow a compromise, and then ram his agenda of bills directly to the floor and require the GOP majority to vote them down the year before the election. Even if Frist accepts Reidís compromise, it will set off a thermonuclear reaction within the GOP as the Christo-fascists declare war on Frist for cutting a deal. And Reid will simply drum up a major media campaign blasting the GOP over the summer for their arrogance of power while consumers suffer through $3.00/gallon gasoline.

That, my friends, is how you run Bush's second-term agenda and the GOPís control of Congress into the ground.

Oh, and did I mention Iraq yet and the WMDs that never existed?

But at least Bush has got that Saudi bonding thing down pretty good, doesn't he, when he asked for more oil, like a supplicant talking to a man whose country provided and bankrolled 15 of the 19 September 11 mass murderers.

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