Thursday :: Apr 28, 2005

What Would You Ask of Bush?

by paradox

The Lying War Felon will hold a prime-time news conference tonight, something that always turns my stomach and leaves me depressed. It’s bad enough we have to listen to this slimy war criminal, but what plummets my spirits watching a press conference is the nauseating fawning and sycophancy of the national press corps. They have always gone out of their way to protect Bush, appalling any citizen who was concerned with the truth and accountability.

What I want to know from Bush is this: if reforming Social Security is the cornerstone of your second term and such an urgent issue, how come we never heard about it during Campaign 2004?

Not one journalist has ever asked Bush that question. Bush lied to the entire country horribly during the campaign, lied by an act of omission about what his true agenda was: gutting Social Security. The press corps just sits there.

Yet even after that Bush says with a straight face the bonds for Social Security’s surplus are worthless. Good Lord, if that’s the case the entire monetary system of the United States is null and void!

So what we have is a lying President on the 2004 campaign who is never called on it and spouts pure fantasies attached to the gross lying. It’s such a monumental disgrace to truth, decency, reason and fairness I’m ashamed as an American every time I think of that press conference tonight.

This used to be a great country where votes were counted, science, truth and reason were held in high esteem, and Presidents actually implemented what they campaigned on. Now we just get this lying disgrace, cloaked in delusion and fantasy, but worst of all a press corps happy to bend over and get lied to. Never mentioned reforming Social Security during the campaign? Fine with us. We like being lied to. We like lying to our readers—it keeps the liberals down.

Watch—the “journalists” at the conference will never ask Bush by he lied during Campaign 2004 over Social Security. If you have a question you want to ask of Bush, please post it in the comments. At least somewhere in this country there will be a real agenda of questions, not the fawning ass-kissing that will go on tonight.

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