Thursday :: Apr 28, 2005

Paging DLC "Democrat" Al From

by eriposte

Where are you at, Mr. From? This is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the GOP. Where's your repeat WSJ editorial bashing [fill in the blank with your (un)favorite Democratic group of the day]?

Why the clarion call to you? This episode (Matthew Yglesias):

Now it's well known that the media employs an extremism double standard. Any Democrat is allowed to be tarred with the views of any semi-prominent person who supports Democratic candidates or, at a minimum, criticizes Republican officeholders. But the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate can share a television platform with a gaggle of bigots and that says nothing about him. I don't like it anymore than you, but this is the standard that's been in effect since 1968 at least. So the fact that Bill Frist can appear with white supremacist Tony Perkins and William "Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity" Donohue and escape unscathed no longer surprises me. But when Trent Lott was removed from his leadership post it seemed that the United States had applied a new standard: It Is Not Okay For The GOP Congressional Leadership To Be Composed of White Supremacists. Now it seems to me that a corollary -- it's not okay for white supremacists to be U.S. Senators -- seems to flow naturally from that principle. And yet, it doesn't.

As Steve also pointed out:

Note the wonderful racists, anti-Catholic types, and other American Taliban losers that Bill Frist shared the stage with last Sunday. And one of these guys even managed to try and diminish the Holocaust.

Now if that isn't sufficient to show how "Real Democrats are real people, not activist elites", then nothing is, right? If that doesn't prove once and for all why is the biggest problem for Democrats, what does? Come on, Mr. From. Don't disappoint us. Where's the commitment you have shown in trying to turn the Democratic Leadership Council into the Democratic Losers Council? If the WSJ editorial page is temporarily unavailable due to a backlog of fraud, there's always Faux News. Conditions are ripe for bashing your favorite Democratic "activist" group of the day. In fact, I can almost hear the phones ringing from Conservative News Network (CNN) and MSGOP asking for your support at this difficult time for the GOP.

P.S. Matthew actually misstates the problem. The "double standard" is obviously worse than how he describes it. Democratic candidates are usually tarred by association with individuals or groups unapproved by the GOP's fraud machine - not "extremist" groups. In fact, it is not uncommon for Democratic candidates to try to avoid association with GOP targeted groups, especially in close races, even if those groups support the Democrat. On the other hand, GOP leaders actively seek out or appear with the extremist frauds and liars who are part of the popular faces of their Party. This is far more than a routine "double standard". (This is one of the points I made in "A Gaggle of Losers".)

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