Thursday :: Apr 28, 2005

Our Man (and Tehran's Man) in Baghdad

by rayman

I'll say this about Ahmed Chalabi--if nothing else, he's mastered the art of perseverance. Throughout the past year, as his chumminess with the Iranian mullahs has been brought to light (along with numerous other indiscretions), many of his erstwhile neocon supporters in Washington have deserted him (see this Salon profile from last May). But just when we'd counted him out, he once again finds himself in the middle of the action, as the guardian of Iraq's oil supply:

Ahmed Chalabi's appointment to the new Iraqi government is something of a revival for a man once touted at the Pentagon as a future president of Iraq.

During 2004 the Shia politician saw his home and offices raided and an arrest warrant issued amid accusations of counterfeiting.

Yet he has returned to prominence as one of two deputy prime ministers in Ibrahim Jaafari's new cabinet.

He will also serve as interim oil minister while negotiations continue over a permanent appointment.

Unbelievable. That is all.

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