Thursday :: Apr 28, 2005

Government Scientists Find The "Smoking Gun" To Undercut Bush On Global Warming

by Steve

Well, so much for that Rush Limbaugh/George W. Bush spin that man-made global warming is just a theory and needs to be studied more. This study, conducted by scientists from Ws own government, pretty much ends the debate that there isnt enough science to support the notion that it is man and not nature, that is the major contributing factor to global warming. In fact, the study indicates that we will be for some pretty nasty warming this century, and will see terrible and possibly irreversible damage to the polar ice shelves and a resultant rise in sea levels and climate change unless steps are taken now to reduce emissions.

Coming as this does a day after Bushs new energy brainstorm is to build more oil refineries on closed military bases and to do little to reduce consumption and emissions, and coming a week after the GOP House passed an energy bill with no major conservation elements in it, you can expect the Bush/Cheney crime family to find more reasons to ignore this evidence. But from this point on, any claims by Bush or Cheney, or that ignoramus Limbaugh that human-caused global warming is a myth can be taken for what they are: the mutterings of moronic thugs who would rather profit and kill this planet than do the right thing.

(Thanks to muckat for the tip.)

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