Friday :: Apr 29, 2005

Bush Tanked

by Steve

So how well did Bush do last night in selling the country his Social Security privatization plan? Check out the latest results for the AOL online poll as of about 7:15 AM Pacific Time this morning, and note the number of respondents, and keep in mind that 1) AOL membership tends to be more Republican than Democratic; and 2) AOL does have software that blocks multiple votes from the same account.

How satisfied are you with what Bush said during his press conference?

Not at all 64%
Very 28%
Somewhat 8%

How would you rate Bush's overall job performance?

Poor 58%
Excellent 21%
Good 11%
Fair 9%

Total Votes: 212,219

Yikes! Well, I guess the Rovian gambit of going "to the people" last night was a flop, as is Bush's intransigence over private accounts. Did they really think that it would go over well to tell folks that the GOP wanted to turn Social Security into a welfare program and that benefits for a large part of the population would be cut after paying in all those years?

A 58% job disapproval rating. Cue the fat lady....

Update: Heading towards the eventual political hari-kari that Rove demands of DeLay and Hastert to keep Bush from tanking into a second-term oblivion, the House GOP leadership, somehow emboldened by what they saw last night, will go ahead and draft its own Social Security privatization bill starting in June, and won't wait any further for their counterparts in the Senate. The bill will be re-imaged as the GOP is wont to do as a retirement bill, and not just a Social Security bill. So Bush and Rove have decided that they will just not call it a Social Security reform any more and instead this will now be re-labeled as a retirement reform package.

Yeah, that should work. I'm sure the market will look swell by the summer. And no matter what dress they put on that pig, they still haven't said how they'll pay for any of it.

But the White House obviously feels that they can much more easily get the ball rolling from the House than they can from the Senate, and it will just mean another round of those Truth Squad rallies and press events in the districts of the 20-25 most vulnerable GOP members up for re-election next year. These House GOP members need to feel how much they'll risk next year by pushing the destruction of the senior safety net this year.

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