Tuesday :: May 10, 2005

Tuesday Morning Quick Hits

by Steve

A new poll finds that with the 2004 election behind them and even the White House now downplaying security and the war on terror, women voters are returning to the Democratic Party. As welcome as this news is, I donít want to hear any complaining from women as Bushís judges and other appointees undermine womenís rights over the next three years.

E. J. Dionne, Jr. astutely points out why Democrats are fighting Bush and the GOP tooth and nail on judges, Social Security, and Tom DeLay: the GOP assumes they are the majority party and therefore they want and expect a neutered Democratic opposition. And it ainít gonna happen.

Despite any conciliatory talk from Chuck Hagel about finding a solution to the filibuster showdown, or any comments from moderate GOP senators about their potential independence in voting for John Boltonís nomination or judges, the truth is that any GOP senator who has White House ambitions, and that includes Hagel and John McCain, will in the end have to vote for Bolton and any Looney-tune far right judge Bush tries to push through. Why? Because the far right American Taliban fringe that now controls the Bush/Rove/DeLay GOP will demand it as the price of admission for their support in 2008. And this will override any new revelations about Bolton being a lunatic whom Colin Powell had muzzled.

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