Wednesday :: May 11, 2005

As Baptist Pastor Resigns, His Younger Followers Demonstrate Cultist Behavior

by Steve

The Baptist pastor of the Waynesville, North Carolina church who imposed a political loyalty test upon his congregation resigned yesterday. It appears that 40 or so members of the congregation, all of whom are younger members who joined since Chan Chandler became pastor, are leaving with him, with some of them actually saying that nonsupport for Bush is ungodliness. In other words, they talk like cultists. The older members of the congregation, who have been there for years, come right out and say that these younger newer members were brainwashed.

Itís time that Democrats confront the reality that we are dealing with cultism. The GOP has realized for years that religion can be used to herd people sheep-like into support for their political agenda, even to get everyday people to vote against their self-interests. To read a story like this where a younger member of the congregation actually says out loud that those who supported Kerry were "ungodly" tells you that any pastor who knows how to use his or her position of alleged moral authority on the young and less discerning of a parish or congregation can in effect create a political cult under a religious tax exemption.

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