Wednesday :: May 11, 2005

Bush's FDA Advisor On Women's Health Issues Accused By Former Wife of Serial Rape And Sodomy

by Steve

Remember the nutcase conservative physician whom the Bush Administration appointed to the Food and Drug Administrationís Reproductive Health Drug Advisory Committee back in 2002 and again last year? The physician who pushed his religious beliefs that abstinence education should be government policy, and that abortion and emergency contraception should not be supported? The same physician who it turns out now was placed by the Bush Administration onto this key advisory panel to wait for a moment to influence public policy based on religion and not on medical science? Well, Dr. W. David Hager finally got his chance to do the American Talibanís work.

Recently, after the FDAís advisory panel ruled by a 23-4 lopsided margin to approve the over-the-counter sale of an emergency contraceptive, the FDAís commissioner Mark McClellan, brother of White House Spokesman Scott McClellan and a long-time Bush friend, overruled his own advisory committee and rejected the application to make the emergency contraceptive more easily available. The reason given sounds all too familiar: even though the FDAís science staff supported the application to make the emergency contraceptive more easily available, McClellan said more time and science was needed.

It now turns out that the one voice that McClellan listened to was Dr. Hager, who we now find out was asked by someone outside the administration to send a minority medical opinion to McClellan against the application, which Hager now takes credit for as the reason that McClellan, for one of the rare times in FDA history, overruled his own scientists and advisory panel to reject the application.

And if this wasnít bad enough, the man that George W. Bush and Mark McClellan listened to on the issue of womenís health in overruling the advice of the FDAís own scientists and advisory committee, and the man that James Dobsonís Focus on the Family touts as a major figure in medicine and faith, also happens to be a man who raped and sodomized his first wife for years.

These are George W. Bushís family values and how he defines the "sanctity of marriage."

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