Wednesday :: May 11, 2005

Makin America Proud

by Duckman GR

It's bad enough that bush goes out in public. Worse still that he "speaks" in public. Worse even more that he goes to other countries and speaks in public. What will the neighbors think?

But now we have the image for all to see, Washington DC, epicenter of the world, the Capo of the Capo, Toppers to the World, scared to death of a Cessna 152.

"While D.C. panicked, Bush bicycled" That's your headline for the rest of the world. I'm sure all those Muslims and Arabs and whoever it was that we were supposed to be impressing with our mighty military might when buschco's resident lunatic neocon fascists decided to make "an example of" Saddam Hussein are mighty impressed by todays actions. Don't ya think?

What in hell has happened to the people in this country? That's all I can think. Have we become so pampered, so self centered, so soft, that a little airplane one step above string and plywood causes our Government to shut down, for however long, the frightening and all to real spectre of the WTC tumbling down loosening our collective bowels again? Is that what we did after 12/7/41?

What could it have done, unleashed deadly virus? Glad everyone was out on the street if that were the case. Drop a nuke? Kamikaze it into something? You can barely get two people in the thing, and what kind of a fireball can you get from a forty gallon gas tank? That's like three Pinto's worth of fuel.

Spare me the rationalizations, I can do that myself. Look at the visuals and tell me what that says about us.

In response to a question when he was over there in Old Europe, bush said the following, which I find to be profoundly disturbing, scratch that, profoundly wrong.

"I have a question concerning the terrorism," said the first student to be called on, a young woman. "And you made many laws after 9/11, many many laws and many measures. And I'm wondering, will there be a time when you drop those laws and when you decrease the measures?"

"Look," Bush replied, "a free society such as ours, obviously, must balance the government's most important duty, which is to protect the American people from harm, with the civil liberties of our citizens. And every law we passed that was aimed to protect us in this new era of threats from abroad and the willingness for people to kill without mercy has been scrutinized and, of course, balanced by our Constitution."

Now, nevermind the fact that he lies about what the government has or has not done. Look at my highlighted line.

Am I nuts, or isn't the first priority not to protect us, daddy dearest, but to preserve the Union, or to put it another way:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Do you see the people in there? Do you see god in there?

No, you don't. Because that isn't the creeps job, now is it? He's not Chaplain-in-Chief, Hand Holder-in-Chief, Playful Knock on the Jaw-in-Chief. He's there to protect the State as embodied in the Constitution. We, the People, are, expendable. Without the State, we're just flotsam floating in a sea of Chaos, vulnerable to any passing whim or fancy. Look at the Gitmo detainees for an example of being Stateless, and why we need the protection of the state.

Yet the press, the media, the politicians, conventional wisdom, the intelligentsia, acadaemia, all seem to foster that notion. All the parties are guilty of this, pay lip service to it, left right and center.

Look at bush's so called press conference here, and the questions he took over there. Don't look at his answers, they mean nothing. Our press is scared to death of this strutting cock-a-whoop. A little airplane closed down Congress and whisked Big Time Dick to his undisclosed location. Up to no good down there I'm sure. The Senate passes the latest military supplemental 100-0 because they're afraid of the appearances a no vote might provoke, even though the bill is loaded with the worst garbage imaginable, Real "Show Me Your Papers Old Man" ID.

The Pacific War was all about getting mad and getting even, and then some. Now, our great and dear leader is all about keeping us safe from monsters under the bed.

When he's not dancing to Big Time Dick's greedy tunes, of course.

So buck up Americans, throw these cowards, these doughty goldbergs, from our hearts. I've had it with the cowering and the running. Bin Laden is nothing compared to the treacherous bastards selling us down the river. bushco must go.

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