Saturday :: May 14, 2005

Harris Poll Shows That Voters Don't Trust Bush's Motives On Social Security

by Steve

The Harris Poll released yesterday shows that Democrats have an angle to use against Bush that not only can help them now but also next year: simply say over and over again that Bush and the GOP congress cannot be trusted on Social Security. The poll shows that at the same time that voters may be convinced that Social Security is in need of adjustments, they donít trust Bush and question his motives on Social Security. This comes after other recent polls (including Gallup) show that for the first time a majority of Americans now think that Bush lied to get us into the Iraq war.

What we are seeing here is a confluence of two different issues into one overall theme that heretofore has never been used by the Democrats against Bush or the GOP relentlessly: trust and credibility. Why canít Democrats simply say over and over again that Bush misled us into war in Iraq and is now misleading us into shredding Social Security? Why canít Democrats simply say that you cannot trust this Presidentís motives? And for next year, why canít Democrats simply say that the GOP needs to be tossed out next year and replaced with more Democrats to keep a check and brake on what the Bush Administration may do in the future, both here and overseas?

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