Wednesday :: May 18, 2005

Chuck Schumer Nails Mullah Frist With A Gross Inconsistency IN GOP's Filibuster Attack

by Steve

Senator Chuck Schumer pounced on the GOPís ultimate hypocrisy this morning as Bill Frist began his march to force the nuclear option with the nauseating nominations of corporate toady Priscilla Owen and 19th-century minded Janice Rogers Brown to district courts. Mullah Frist has based his crusade to pander to the American Taliban on the notion that it is unconstitutional and wrong to filibuster judicial nominees and deny them a vote. Yet Schumer exposed Frist this morning for the hypocrite that he is, when he reminded Mullah Frist that he himself supported the filibuster of Clinton nominee Richard Paez and helped keep Paez from getting an up and down vote for four years. As you can see from Fristís sputtering response, he was totally unable to justify or explain why it was OK for the GOP to block a vote on a Clinton Hispanic nominee for four years, but it is wrong for the Democrats to filibuster Bush nominees.

In fact, by the GOPís own account, their efforts were justified because Clintonís judges were activist judges. Fine, by that standard, all of the remaining seven of Bushís failed nominees should be filibustered, using the GOPís own criteria.

And if you want a good summary of the GOP's 10 biggest lies about the filibuster and the facts to debunk those lies, read this from David Brock's Media Matters for America.

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