Monday :: May 23, 2005

American Forces Tied Down In Iraq Well Into The Next Decade?

by Steve

"I would not expect to see a significant draw-down [of U.S. troops] prior to 2007, absent a significant falloff in the insurgency, which is not a prospect at the moment...Restoring Iraq to military self-sufficiency will require at least a decade....For that reason alone, Iraq will remain an American protectorate well into the next decade."
--John Pike, director of

Read this story from Salon this morning, which lays out once again the failings of the Iraqi army and police forces, including our inability and unwillingness for some reason to properly equip them while we have lost track of $8 billion in funds over there. And then notice that our own commanders are now saying that the post-US election attack on Fallujah had the effect of inducing a mass desertion of Iraqis from their own security forces.

Think about what this story is telling us for moment. What kind of impact upon America’s global security posture will there be if we have to maintain Iraq as a protectorate well into the next decade, with tens if not over a hundred thousand troops tied down beyond Bush’s term? Think about the fiscal calamity upon our budget of annual $75-85 billion supplemental appropriations. Think about the unmet needs here at home. Think about how having these troops tied down in the center of the Islamic world only helps those who want to us harm for years to come. And suddenly the painted finger election looks like a fraud, no matter what spin comes from Karen Hughes about spreading democracy in the Arab world.

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