Tuesday :: May 24, 2005

Paging the Democratic Party

by eriposte

I have written about this a few times already but there are days when I wish every lefty blogger would keep writing about it day after day so that the Democratic party would fire its incompetent lobbyists that have advised them otherwise and finally pay attention.

Unless the Democratic Party takes the leadership on national secuity and foreign policy and make the Bush administration's incompetence on this front very clear, winning in 2006 and 2008 will continue to seem harder than the labors of Sisyphus.

James Boyce at The Huffington Post reminds the Democrats about the same thing (via Oliver Willis):

...It’s not the Koran that was flushed down the toilet, it was my, and my children’s chance of every traveling safely in a Muslim country that headed south.

Between now and November 2008, any rational person has to believe that there will be more terrorist attacks, more people will die in Iraq, more American soldiers will come home scarred for life and, God forbid, there’s a chance of another attack here in the United States.

So, obviously, the Democratic party is addressing this, right? We’ve learned from our mistake. We now know that talking about the intricacies of health care reform when people are dying from bullets and bombs is a little silly, right? We’re leap-frogging the Republicans and bringing new ideas forward on how to keep America truly safe. We’re hammering home the message that our ports aren’t secure, our soldiers are still ill-equipped, and we’re the ones talking about how the wives of soldiers are losing their homes and having to pay for their children’s dinner with food stamps because their National Guard husbands are getting paid a quarter of what they were in their real jobs.

We’re pounding on the fact that we still fly home our dead from Iraq in the middle of the night, that President Bush and Republican leaders ignore the funerals of the fallen, we’re warning about how and when more attacks might occur, we’re bringing together experts on terrorism to guide our policies. We’re reminding people that FDR, the greatest war time President in American history perhaps, was a Democrat.

Ah, no.

We’re silent. Actually we’re worse than silent. We’re speaking about anti-poverty (Edwards) kids health care (Kerry) health care record keeping for goodness sake’s (Clinton) and why?

Because today, I spoke with a top Democratic fundraiser, smart guy, best of the best, and I quote: “The Democratic consultants here in Washington are convinced that the 2008 election will be all about domestic issues.” Sure it will be. Just like the last one was.

As much as the filibuster deal depressed me, nothing depresses me more than the Democratic party's astounding inaction on sound national security policy. Who the heck are these B.S. lobbyists for God's sake? Fire them! Healthcare is great, but even more important is to win back single-issue voters who have been convinced that only Dear Leader can save them from terrorism. Can we stop the perpetration of this hoax, already? It's WAY PAST TIME!

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