Friday :: May 27, 2005

Reader Mail - Koran Desecration: The Cult Weighs In

by Steve

I get mail, I sure do. Here’s a sample of today’s, courtesy of the cult:

What happens to Bibles when found in Saudi Arabia? They are shredded. What happens to people found with Bibles in Saudi Arabia? 150 lashes and then deported, if a foreigner.

Get off the Koran desecration and get real.

I have several things for “Bob” to think about here, including:

1. Gee Bob, when did we lower ourselves to the Saudis? Get off justifying the Koran desecration and get real yourself, Bob.

2. If it really was a widespread policy of the Saudis to shred bibles; to give 150 lashes to a foreigner carrying a bible, and then to deport that person, wouldn't that create a problem for our walking hand-in-hand Saudi-loving Christian president?

3. Why exactly are the cultists so sensitive when the left hammer this Koran desecration issue, to the point of seeing guys like Bob trying to justify what some bad apples at Gitmo did by equating that behavior to what the Saudis allegedly condone against Christians in their country? Hell, even the Ostrich Tom Friedman is now arguing that we should just shut Gitmo down, because it is a terrorist recruiting tool.

4. Why exactly is it OK for our government officials to flagrantly lie to the media and the American people about this Bob? Hell, even Howie Kurtz has noticed that the White House has managed to browbeat the media into ignoring the fact that Newsweek may have been sloppy but not necessarily wrong.

5. What kind of morality is demonstrated Bob by American forces when they use any desecration tactic with approval from their superiors, but then claim they are fighting for American and yes, Christian values?

Again, if Bob is correct about the Saudis, and I have no way of knowing if he is, or if this is simply another right wing Mighty Wurlitzer urban legend, then how would the cultists feel if they knew their moral clarity president was walking hand-in-hand with the leaders of a country that oppresses Christians?

Just asking. And thanks for writing Bob.

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