Sunday :: Jun 5, 2005

This is why I like Dean

by eriposte

All ye Dean fans out there (myself included) will surely love this quote from the Toledo Blade (via Buzzflash, bold text is my emphasis):

In a scathing statement yesterday, Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said the President has not gone far enough and must return all of the money "raised by his disgraced fund-raiser."

"It's not enough to return a few thousand dollars when Noe is facing serious allegations and may have illegally collected more than a hundred thousand dollars for Bush's re-election," Mr. Dean said in the statement, which cited multiple Blade reports.
Mr. Dean said Mr. Noe is only the latest in a line of "disgraced" fund-raisers. He called Mr. Noe, and two other fund-raisers facing scrutiny - Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed - "Bush's three musketeers of corruption."

"It's disturbing that now three of the Presidents top fund-raisers are subjects of corruption investigations," Mr. Dean said. "The American people deserve better."

The RNC spokesman declined to respond to those charges.

Heh, indeedy.
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