Wednesday :: Jun 8, 2005

Reader Input Requested

by pessimist

In the course of blogging, any blogger who seeks to direct attention to a source of information uses links, such as The Left Coaster. In this, blogs are like many 'legit' news sources in this practice.

The reason most personal and group blogs exist, however, is to disseminate opinion as well as information to support those opinions [and we here on The Left Coaster are certainly opinionated - just as our commentors are].

We regularly present linked information sources in our posts as reinforcement of our opinions. Most of the time, we refer to newspaper, institutional, or other media sites as the sources of our information. The few times when we refer to other blogs, we usually have some commentary of our own in reference to the other blog's post.

It is my contention that when we refer to another blog's post, it is because there is an interesting opinion presented there, and to say nothing of your own about why that opinion is worthy of our attention is merely piggy-backing on someone else's time and effort.

I can recall a situation when I presented another blog's post content as my post, and was rightfully taken to task by brother blogger Matt Davis for doing so. I then appended my own commentary about why I felt this post's content presented something of import, thus adding to the discussion. I have tried to do that ever since. I think most of the time I have succeeded.

So my question is this - do you readers feel that it is OK for another web site to merely link to our posts without comment while copying our content - entirely or in part - without adding any additional comment of their own on the topic of the linked post?

You have the floor.
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