Thursday :: Jun 23, 2005

Mr. 42%, Exhibit C - And Zogby Has Bad News Too

by Steve

Another poll, another pathetic 42% approval rating for Bush. Today’s installment comes from the American Research Group, whose latest poll done through last night of 1100 respondents shows Bush with his lowest approval rating (42%) in the last twelve months, and down 9 points since the November election. His disapproval rating has shot up ten points to 53% since the election.

On the economy:

Bush approval: 37%
Disapproval: 59%

Zogby, for his part, is showing that Bush’s approval rating is down to 44%, it’s lowest ever in that poll. Furthermore, Bush’s approval ratings on individual issues, including his handling of terrorism, are now lower than his disapproval ratings. On all issues except terrorism, Bush’s disapproval ratings are at least 20 points higher than his approval ratings, and on some issues, such as jobs, education, the environment, and Social Security/Medicare, Bush’s disapproval ratings are at least twice as much as his approval ratings. Bush even has a problem in red states, where more respondents rated him negatively (51%) than those that rated him positively (48%).

Oh yeah, the poll also found that if the election were held today instead of last November, it would be a dead even tie, with Kerry picking up two points since November. And even though Zogby says that McCain would trounce Hillary in a hypothetical 2008 race, it’s moot since McCain will never get the nomination in 2008.

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