Friday :: Jun 24, 2005

This could be a turning point if Democrats wanted to make it one

by eriposte

For the longest time, Democrats have pussy-footed around Bush and his neocon cronies, unwilling to point out that the actions taken by them before and after 9/11 clearly constitute the actions of incompetent people who seriously jeopardize America's national security again and again (see Kristen Breitweiser's post in response to Rove because she *gets* it). This is particularly true of the cable TV Democrats.

After yesterday's coordinated Republican attack on liberals and Democrats by the top people in the GOP, there is a clear opportunity for Democrats to put aside their one-sided "bipartisanship" on national security and take the opportunity to really expose the criminal negligence and the depraved indifference and incompetence of the GOP neocons who botched America's response to 9/11 in such a spectacular manner.

Oliver Willis has two good posts that are even more pertinent today than they have been all these years. I agree with the following statements of his.


The Democratic party is surely the worst case of a battered spouse in the history of this countryís great national dialogue. No matter the indignities suffered at the hands of the media or the Republicans, the Democrats keep coming back and asking to be forgiven for their perceived sins. Stop it. Stop it now. For christís sake, stand up for yourselves and the people who voted for you. Itís got to stop now.


To the Hillary Clintons, Harry Reids, John Edwardses, Joe Bidens, and other leaders of our side - it is time to draw a line in the sand. It is time, at long last, to cease with the smiles and the well-wishes and to make clear that the time to declare open political warfare on these people is long past due.

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