Tuesday :: Jul 5, 2005

N.O. M.A.S.

by pessimist

America is supposed to be the land of free speech, and yet there are many examples of that freedom being suppressed. The latest on that I'm aware of reaches me via Kos, an anti-war soldier is threatened with court martial for expressing his views:

For those of you who have read the diaries I've posted her about Leonard Clark, a soldier in the Arizona National Guard stationed in Iraq, or have read his emails posted at his blog this is a Very Bad Day. Leonard has been called in to his Commander's office and threatened with court martial unless he stops posting his thoughts and opinions about the war in Iraq and President Bush. In addition he is being forced to take down his comments on his blog at the "request of his ranking officer." In short, on Independence Day, he is being censored, and his rights taken away.

There might be a couple of reasons why this soldier is being suppressed when dozens of pro-war neanderthals are not. In Clark's own words:

To those Democratic and Republican leaders who have done so I apologize in advance for the questions you are going to start receiving from your constituents on this issue, but you can no longer sit on the fence - our American soldiers are dying needless deaths over here and dammit, you've got to take a stand or we'll vote somebody else in your place!

Not One More American Soldier Should Die Over Here in this Lie We Call the Occupation of Iraq!
N.O. M.A.S. !

Written by Leonard Clark (the damn liberal who patrols the mean streets of Iraq everyday)
Kindergarten teacher in the public schools of America
Candidate for the U.S. Senate against John Kyl in Arizona

If enough teachers get sent to Iraq, would not Toyota someday begin to think that the people of the United States are too stupid to employ?

Clark's 'liberal' outspokenness is only part of the reason he's being suppressed. Could it be that John Kyl doesn't want to be bothered facing off against someone with real war experience? Or maybe the Army is seeking to avoid such a confrontation?

Any way it plays out, it sure is one hell of an example of the 'democracy' we are imposing upon Iraq.

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