Friday :: Jul 8, 2005

Comment and Analysis From Our Readers: Your Turn

by Steve

After such a busy day and excellent commentary from many of you yesterday and today, and with another day of house painting staring me in the face today before my week-long vacaction (at home) comes to an end, I wanted to try something different today on this particular thread.

First, as Bush possibly contemplates making not one but two Supreme Court picks, I would like to hear from all sides what kind of court you actually want, and how you see the current court. Which jurists would you like to see nominated and why? Again, let's try to discuss this aside from the political wargaming and really talk about why you want to see your picks confirmed. This primarily is aimed at our conservative friends, but with the Senate in the GOP's hands, I also want to hear from our regular readers for their thoughts on whom would be acceptable and what you would hope to come out of this.

Second, there were some very interesting comments responding to my post yesterday on the Iraq/Iran military alliance, and I want to hear from all of you on how you break that down, whether or not you feel the Bush Administration was a player in that marriage, and what you think the alliance means for the United States foreign policy in that part of the world.

Lastly, on a housekeeping item, yes, Mary and I know that the site has been quirky lately and she is working diligently to search for an alternate server provider that may improve the site's performance. We'll have more on that when things firm up.

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