Wednesday :: Jul 13, 2005

A Note

by eriposte

Thanks to those who left comments/feedback on my GOP talking points debunking post (I will respond as appropriate in the coming days) -- and to all of the blogs/sites that linked to it.

I have a fair amount of additional material that I plan to add to the talking points rebuttal in the next couple of days. (Only the lack of time is keeping me from doing it all at once.) So, please keep the comments coming and alert me if I am missing any of the important GOP talking points.

Also, one of the commenters asked if I have contacted any media yet. The answer is no. I've simply not had the time. If readers or other bloggers are able to contact the media, please do and send them the link. (In general, politeness is good and it helps if you direct it to people who have written stories or reported on this specific topic).

Thanks and make sure you visit The Left Coaster every day for great stuff from all the other co-bloggers here.


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